How to use your crystals and balance your chakras

How to use your crystals and balance your chakras

Posted by Michelle Wilkins on 4th Feb 2018

I get asked a lot about how you use and look after your crystals, so I have written this to give you some guidance.

Before we start I thought I would explain a bit about chakras as this will give you a better understanding of how crystals work.

Chakras are the bodies energy centres and you have 7 main chakras on your body.





5.Solar plexus



Each chakra has a colour

1.Crown - clear/white

2.Brow - purple

3.Throat - blue

4.Heart - pink/green

5.Solar plexus - yellow

6.Sacral - orange

7.Root - red/brown/black

And each chakra also has a meaning attached to it




4.Love & healing

5.Wisdom & power

6.Sexuality & creativity

7.Basic trust


When Chakras are working properly they look like open flowers. You have one that comes out of the front of your body and one that comes out of the back, apart from on the crown where you only have one, which comes out of the top of your head and connects you to the universe. You also only have one on your root which comes out of your perineum and connects you to the earth.


Chakras however can get blocked and it is when this happens that it often leads to illness.

Chakras can get blocked in many ways, i.e. being hurt in a relationship will affect the energy that flows in the heart chakra so the petals on the flower (chakra) will close. This can then in turn effect your energy flow to your other chakras. Your thoughts may then go on overdrive effecting your crown, and you may lose trust which will affect your root chakra.

If a chakra stays closed for a long period of time this can then turn into physical illness.

Chakras can also have too much energy running through them. This would occur mainly at the crown when your thought processes are going out of control and you can’t think straight.

You can clear your mind with an exercise called a mind clearance. This is done with two clear quartz points. They can be held in your hands on either side of your temples. As energy runs around your body anti clockwise you need, in your left hand, for the point to be facing up and in your right hand the point to be facing down. This creates a circuit around your head and clears away excess energy. You need to be thinking about the energy circling your head as you do this as "where thought goes energy follows." You may find at first that you feel a little resistance and the points don't want to touch you head but once the energy starts to clear they should want to move closer. You can do this exercise for around 10 minutes.

Crystals have a uniform and consistent energy that never ends. This is why clear quartz is used in watches and in clocks to keep time. It's also used in the chip in your credit card.

The energy within crystals works with the energy within your own body and within each of your chakras.

Knowing about your chakras may help you decide which crystal you need.

Once you have chosen your crystal you can use it in several different ways.

Placement on your body

You can either work on one chakra or have a complete chakra layout using 7 corresponding crystals and two clear quartz points.

Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed and place the crystals on the chakras, if you are doing the full layout have the quartz points in each hand with the point in the left hand pointing up towards your head and the point in your right hand pointing down towards your feet. You may also wish to play relaxation music or listen to a guided meditation.

Take some deep breaths and try to clear the thoughts in your head by brushing them aside.

Now imagine there is a gold chord that comes from the universe, enters through your crown chakra and flows all the way down the centre of your body right the way to your root chakra, out through your feet and right down into the centre of the earth. Try to not just think this, but also feel the energy flowing through you. It might take a bit of practice but be patient, a few attempts may be needed.

As the energy flows past each chakra, see the colour in your mind and see the flower opening, (front and back) let go of all the negative energy and allow this gold, positive energy to replace it.

The centre of our earth is made up of huge crystals the size of buildings in New York (if you’ve not seen BBC Horizon - The Core, is a must see) When your gold cord reaches the centre of the earth it is going to connect with the masses of crystals which reside there. Draw upon this energy and allow this to rise back up your cord and back through your root chakra, through the centre of your body and back out of your crown chakra and up to the universe again. Once you have connected you will find you feel more safe and secure, able to think more clearly and you will be back on the life track that we were meant to be on.

Making an Elixir

Take a clean glass jug/glass and add the crystals to the bottom. Fill to the top with distilled/bottled water. Leave the crystal in the jug for 24 hours to absorb the sunlight and then moonlight. You can then drink the water (but not the crystal). Over the 24 hours the energy will pour into the water and then into your body as you drink it. You can also apply the elixir to an area on your body as an ointment for first aid or add it to your bath water. Please check that the crystal you are wanting to use isn’t water soluble and is safe for you. You should never make an elixir with a crystal ending in “ite” as a rule of thumb, as these could carry toxins. To start with use one type of crystal at a time.

Carry the crystals with you

The second-best alternative to lying with the crystals on each chakra is to carry the crystals with you as often as you can. You can put them in your pocket or try to get them as close to your chosen chakra.

ie. Smokey Quartz in your sock, Rose Quartz in your bra is quite popular!

Cleansing your crystals

Your crystals will have been hard at work absorbing all that negative energy and removing any scarring you have in your energy system, so they now need to be cleansed.

1. The best way to do this is to place them outside, especially if it is a full moon. Overnight is ample.

2. You can run them under water and imagine all of build-up is draining away down the sink.

3. If your crystals are small enough you can sit them on an amethyst cluster or inside a geode.

4. You can burn white sage and let the smoke do all the removal. (This is also great for removing negative energy       from your home or person)

5. You can even bury your crystals in the garden if you feel they have really had enough.

All these methods will make your crystals feel like new, fully recharged and ready to work again for you. 

I know this is a lot of information, but I hope you have found it helpful.

As always please let me know if you have any questions, and please feel free to share.

Over the next week I will be blogging about using crystals to combat anxiety and talking to you about our earth stars so please look out for that