Crystal Calcite Bear

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  • Crystal Calcite Bear
  • Crystal Calcite Bear
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This is the most beautiful soft teddy bear, golden in colour and scrumptious in nature. He has a large Baby Blue Calcite boulder crystal gently nestled between his paws.

Our Crystal Bear would make the perfect New Baby Arrival gift or a beautiful New Home gift. The Blue Calcite crystal which bear is cradling gently is such a soft soothing crystal, and will make any room or person in there feel calm, safe and protected. Blue Calcite resonates at a high vibration which is wonderful at raising and clearing energies from all around. This will help calm and settle New born babies or the perfect addition to any child's room. 

This beautiful bear measures 19 cm sitting! So, he's a big cuddly boy, and the Blue Calcite boulder is approximately 9-10 cm and each one is handpicked especially for you.

Top Tip
As a soft curvaceous Blue Calcite boulder has been picked for this bear, you can also use this crystal as a massage therapy stone and use with or without a gentle oil. Just delicately rub the hand warmed crystal all over your baby’s skin, this will create deep and soothing relaxation and is a wonderful way of bonding with your baby.

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