Crystal Elixir Kit

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  • Crystal Elixir Kit
  • Crystal Elixir Kit
  • Crystal Elixir Kit
  • Crystal Elixir Kit
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This is a must purchase for any home or office. The Crystal Elixir package contains everything you need to make your very own Crystal powered drink, all you need to add is cool filtered water.

It works by the healing vibration of crystal transferring into each water molecule, creating super charged H2O. This beverage of beauty has been used since the Roman times when then used to indulge in their favourite wine by means of an Amethyst goblet, for they knew that the powers of Amethyst would gently permeate into the wine to relieve headaches, calm sickness and settle stress, thus assisting greatly with hangovers!

The longer you let your crystal marinate in the water the more benefits you will get from this elixir, even better if you can place it on a sunny window sill to let the power of the sun’s rays pour into the crystals too.

You can pick from a variety of recipes or create your own therapeutic Crystal Elixir.

• Calming and peace - Rose Quartz
• Sore throats and upset - Blue lace Agate
• Headaches and stress - Amethyst
• Productivity and energy - Clear Quartz
• Energy and confidence - Citrine

Each kit consists of the following, all beautifully packaged in a sturdy gift box.

• A beautiful glass bottle with cork
• Pack of 5 tumbled crystals
• Full instructions

Please note - this Elixir is not to replace any medication you may be taking. Do not swallow crystals.

Top Tip
In the colder months, why not add just boiled water with a slice of lemon to your tumbled crystal, to create a power bomb beverage in the morning!

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