"For the Mind" Candle with Amethyst (80g)

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  • "For the Mind" Candle with Amethyst (80g)
  • "For the Mind" Candle with Amethyst (80g)
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Handmade Soya wax candle with the essential oil Lavender topped with Amethyst crystal and glitter. This candle also comes with an Amethyst tumblestone. 

These beautiful chunky glass jar candles are designed to fill your home with amazing scent, whilst surrounding you with energy that constantly pours from the crystals as they bathe in the melted wax.

A vibrant deep purple crystal which come from the Quartz family.

Fantastic for blowing away the cobwebs, clearing headaches and helping with hangovers. 


In the home - Place in your bedroom for peaceful and protective sleep.

Or in your office for clarity of thoughts.

On yourself - Place under your pillow or next to your bed if it's a bit strong. For dream recollection and protection, or place either side of the head for help with clearance of headaches.

The candles hold 80g of wax and has a burn time of approximately 20 hours.

The candle comes with a scroll explaining the properties of Amethyst

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