Himalayan Salt Lamp

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This beautifully healing lamp consists of a huge hunk of pinky orange rock salt, which has been formed over millions of years at the foothills of The Himalayans. You've probably heard all the hoo har about these lamps and their many health benefits.

It can all get a bit confusing, so these are some of the main reasons that Michelle and I have many of these in our homes:

  • They create negative ions in the atmosphere which are responsible for making that clear fresh feeling you get when there's been a big rain storm or walking by a waterfall.
  • They help clear the heavy effects of electronics in the room.
  • They are hygroscopic, meaning that they attract water to the surface which then gently evaporates from the heat that comes from the bulb or candle.
  • The small amounts of water vapour in the air carry microscopic like certain bacteria, mould and allergens.
  • This clever salt then draws the vapour and the nasties within it to the surface of the lamp where it's cleansed.
  • Their ambient glow is soothing and calming for the brain and eyes, just like watching a candle flicker or the golden flames of a fire.
  • Perfect for a night light.

So, if you want to fill your home with fresh clean air, provide an irresistible comforting glow, and sleep well. Then treat all of your family and home to this chunk of nature (including your pets) for our dog Stanley adores our Salt Lamp and ever since it arrived in our home he insists on sitting right next to it and absorbing all of its healing goodness!!

Includes bulb.


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