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This is a real hard working crystal, sometimes known as "the surgeons scalpel" for its energy is amazing at clearing physical ailments within the body. This dark forest green beauty is a real stone of balance and abundance whilst deeply absorbing energy it helps to keep you clear, bright and shiny.Malachite amplifies all energies making it an extremely important healing stone, clearing blocks and energy patterns which maybe attracting physical or emotional upset. It can be used all chakras but especially useful in stimulating the Heart and Throat chakras to work beautifully together.Malachite absorbs and purifies, making it a wonderful protective cleanser to have in your home.

The powerful energy that is emitted from this crystal is superb at alleviating menstrual cramps and childbirth.This stunning, hard working crystal does absorb heavy negative energy so will need clearing regularly, this can easily be done by placing outside in the rain or flushing under running water.

Approximate size 2cm

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