My Story

Hello Crystal Friends

Thank you very much for visiting us and taking the time to read "about me". I am Michelle and this is my crystal story....

The Crystal Company is a result of a very difficult year for me back in 2013 when I suffered a mental breakdown.

I had always considered myself to be an extremely strong, logical, determined person but after leaving employment to set up my first company (in accountancy), my daughter being diagnosed with Autism and ADHD and a relationship breakdown it all became too much and I started to discover how powerful your mind and brain can be.

Stress and upset had gotten the better of me and I started to suffer from panic attacks. I didn't know what they were at first and I genuinely thought I was dying. 

I found I would catastrophise any situation, even collecting my daughter from school, which was on the same road that we lived on would result in my mind telling me something terrible would happen. Then I became afraid of the panic attacks...what would I do if I went to the shop and had a panic attack in there, who would help me? I wouldn't be near anyone I know! All paths lead to something terrible happening. I became scared of death, not only for me but for the people around me and how would I cope or how would they cope if anything did happen!?!

These spiraling thought processes, that I couldn't escape from, lead in a short space of time to me not wanting to even get out of bed. 

My family and friends were extremely worried. My mum would come in the middle of night when I would ring her panicking, my dad came round and made me go for a walk round the park with him, my friends would literally drag me out of bed and put me in the shower. I couldn't see an end to it all and to be quite honest if I had to live like this for the rest of my life then I simply didn't want to.

I had been to the doctors and was prescribed medication but it only seemed to take the edge off, I still always felt like I was fighting off a panic attack.

Then one day in December 2013 I was crying on the phone to my friend and she reminded me that she has bought me a voucher for Crystal Therapy for my birthday back in August. She urged me to get it booked and being at the point of desperation I was willing to try anything. I put the phone down and rang the number and booked in for the following week.

This is where everything began to turn around.....

After my first session I felt a massive improvement, my thoughts felt clearer, I felt safer, I felt relieved that I felt calmer, I felt hopeful for the future but anxiety doesn't just come on overnight, it creeps up on you over a period of time and therefore it doesn't disappear overnight either. 

I carried on having Crystal Therapy every 4 weeks for 12 months, each time I went I felt better and better but what I had to learn was how to look after myself with Crystals as my tools and not just rely on going to the therapy. As I did the frequency of the Crystal therapy became less and less.

The more I worked with crystal the more I fell in love with them and their amazing properties. I decided that I needed to learn even more.

The therapist I went to also trained people to become Crystal Therapist so I decided I would attend the beginners course, this then lead on to me completing the intermediate and advanced courses too. 

So now I was a fully trained Crystal Therapist, accredited by IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine) but what was I going to do next....

The only thing I could do, of course! I decided that 15 years in accountancy was long enough, I needed a change, I needed to help people that were going through what I had been through and I needed to get crystals into peoples lives so they to could benefit from these truly amazing gemstones.

In 2016 The Crystal Company was born...