Rose Quartz Crystal Bracelet with Sterling Silver Charm

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A wonderful way of surrounding yourself with healing crystal energy, and this is by wearing crystals as jewellery!

For the magnificent benefits of Rose Quartz will be close to you, touching your body all day long giving off non stop unconditional love and support.

These absolutely beautiful bracelets are hand made by us.

Each bracelet has so many rose quartz beads with a sterling silver charm, sterling silver beads and a lava bead.

Silver again works so beautifully with the rose quartz as it acts as a conductor of the energies whilst the lava bead in all of its porous glory holds any scent or essential oil you wish to add.

Literally creating a bubble of crystal power and healing essential oils whilst your are wearing it.

You can purchase the bracelet alone or buy the gift box set which includes a matching tumbled crystal and a small bottle of essential oil.

Please choose from Lavender or Rose geranium or Sandalwood and frankincense essential oil.

Add the essential oil of your choice in comments when ordering.





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