Selenite Wand 15cm

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Selenite is an exceptionally high vibrational crystal of white and clear colour tones.

You know when you're holding this crystal for it emanates masses of energy whilst gently buzzing away in your hands.

This is the crystal you want to use if you wish to connect to the higher realms and Angels for it raises your own energy vibrations enabling you to make contact .



In your home or work place to shift heavy dense energies and to pierce with pure white healing light.

On yourself- in your hands will create a bubble of pure protection and moments of great clarity whilst you meditate or just sit quietly, whilst full placement in the middle of your body whilst lying down will realign and centralise your whole being.

You may want to grasp hold of a grounding dark crystal such as Hematite  or Smokey Quartz to assist with feeling grounded and safe for this crystal may  send you flying so to speak.


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