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This is the most beautiful, thoughtful gift for yourself or anyone who suffers with anxiety or stress. Each gift box is filled with essential goodies all nestling together on a soft sheet of velvet.

These include:
A Travel Size Crystal Encrusted Soya Candle
This hand poured beauty will fill your home with calming aromatic scents whilst the crystals bathe in the melted wax, creating an aura of calm and peace.

Epsom Salts
A Bag of Crystal Epsom Salts with Real Rose Petals
If you place pure organic Epsom Salts with a chunk of stunning rough Rose Quartz and mix in dried Rose Petals then you have your self the perfect healing combination to sprinkle into a warm bath. Organic Epsom Salts have the outstanding ability to draw and cleanse your whole mind, body and spirit whilst the Rose Quartz and Rose Petals quietly sit in the warm waters with you just emanating pure peace and love.

A Crystal Soothie Pack
A preprogramed pack of four crystals specially handpicked for soothing the mind and settling the soul.

Rose Quartz - hold gently near your heavy heart and just allow this soothing crystal to melt away panic and anxiety whilst filling you with pure unconditional love.

Amethyst - place on or around your forehead, and feel the cooling cleansing qualities of this stunning crystal melt away heavy negative though forms whilst gently bringing through clarity of mind.

Smokey Quartz - place between your legs whilst sitting or in the pockets of your jeans and let the Smokey do its magic. You may feel the drawing qualities of this hard working crystal, for it specialises in removing heavy negativity. Allowing yourself to feel lighter and quietly safe and settled deep within.

Citrine - hold close to the centre of your stomach, which is known as the solar plexus chakra or energy centre. This is the chakra, which if you're a sensitive soul will absorb negativity from others or from all around you resulting in feeling overwhelmed. Here the Citrine will gently resonate, helping clear this excess blocked energy allowing your own power to shine through.

An ever-practical Note Pad and Pen
The perfect combination to jot down any pesky nagging thoughts or fears. Such a handy yet simple action allows a deep cleansing of the mind which in turn creates a sacred safe space to allow creativity, self-care and love to thrive.

A relaxation tea bag to pour yourself a cup of love.

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