Wish Box

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  • Wish Box
  • Wish Box
  • Ground - Smokey Quartz
Strength - Tigers Eye
Hope - Snowflake Obsidian
Happiness - Celestite
Love - Rose Quartz
Success - Citrine 
Stress Free - Amethyst
Good Luck - Adventurine (Green)
Energy - Clear Quartz
Confidence - Carnelian
Calm - Blue Lace Agate
Knowledge - Fluorite
  • Add your wish and the crystal to your wish box
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This hand painted Crystal Wish Box is designed to help you make your wishes come true..

The top of the box displays a heart made out of Quartz chips.

This technique is based on manifestation

Where thought goes, energy follows

If a thought can carry so much energy then speaking out loud or writing it down gives it even more power. It affirms your thoughts.

Crystal permit a consistent energy which never ends, this is why quartz is used in clocks to keep time and in the chip in your bank card.

So what more of a powerful tool can you use to take this thought and carry the energy into the universe to make it your reality.

Each type of Crystal has different properties. I have shown you some of these in the images. The list really is endless though so please feel free to use our crystal guide and choose your own.

Each Crystal Wishes Box comes with a piece of tumbled Rainbow Moonstone as Moonstone enhances your ability to create your own reality and then an additional crystal of your choice.

Please choose from the list of crystals as to which one you would like. The Wishes Box also comes with blank cards for your to write your affirmation on and then this can be placed in the Wishes Box with your crystals.


Top Tip

A great way to generate energy is to rub your hands together, whilst doing this think of the wish you are wanting to come true. Take your hands and hold them round the box and allow this energy to flow. You can do this each day if you wish.

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